The equipment

So equipment is a significant aspect of a trip around the world. It is your house". We have started to think for several weeks or even months of what we must, we can want to take during this trip and it is not obvious. As the date approaches we have a more and more minimalist vision of what we are going to take. And it is possible that eventually it will be reduced again (at the time this page is written we are less than 2 months of departure)

Here are the highlights of our equipment:


Voila for containers

The essential

  • A mini travel pharmacy: with essentials for everyday life and a little more: pensemant, alcohol, doliprane, advil, anti-diahree, ...
  • A hygiene kit including travel laundry ( ), string to let clothes drying, toothbrush, deodorant. For Emma probably a little more ... (cream, some makeup)
  • 1 microfiber towel each
  • Our clothes, this includes t-shirts, shorts, 1 jeans each, linen trousers, hiking pants, ...
  • 1 pair de good walking shoes each. (light one)
  • Our legal papers: passport, French and American driving license, and the international vaccination booklet (compulsory in some countries)
  • A game pack! with Exploding Kittens, a deck of cards and dice for rainy days
  • Sunscreen !!!
  • Flip flop

Geek stuffs

It seems a lot but it's for 18 months !! And we are a little geeks!

We will therefore travel rather light, probably 20-30kg to the maximum.

Photos are coming on D-Day for the packing