Jamaica: view from the sky

We spent a week in Jamaica celebrating the New Year with friends.
This country is beautiful and although we did not travel all over the country, we felt safe everywhere. The locals are great and really hospitable and do not try to trap you in bad places.
We stayed at an AirBnB villa in Runaway Bay which is far enough away from all the classic mass tourism resorts located in Montego Bay, and close enough to the rainforest on the north-east side of the island (Annotto Bay to Port Antonio)

Here is an incredible video that I made with my drone and some photos with my Iphone.


The locations you can see on the video can be found on the map above:
- Runaway Bay in St Ann Parish
- Silver Sands Beach - Duncans in Trelawny Parish
- Ocho Rios
- Blue Montains National Park
- Blue Lagoon - Port Antonio in Portland Parish

Still some photos taken with the drone: