About us

Hello my name is Emmanuelle, I have 25 years (in fact rather thirty), after growing up under the liquid sunshine of Brittany. I decided to try my luck in the south-east of France, where I took advantage of the climate of the Mediterranean coast.

There I met Toto, who after 3 years, made me move to a country less sunny and slightly cooler: Sweden.

I always dreamed of living in a foreign country, so it was done. After a rewarding one-year experience, returning to France at the starting point, new challenges are emerging on a professional level.

After 3 years punctuated trips (Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Caribbean, ...) rebelotte, this time it will be America. Despite my love for the sun, the sea, and the blue sky, it is in Seattle (yes, the city of Gray's Anatomy) that we put our bags.

Again a new cycle of 3 years and we decide to try the adventure ....

- The beach, but not the fish
- The TV series
- Reading
- The tartiflette (for our American friends: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tartiflette )

- The inhabitants of the sea
- Aircon'
- The rosé not fresh
- Driving everywhere, but especially on the highway (I405 / A51 or I break down with my Lupo)

I'm Thomas;

After growing up in the south-east of France near Avignon, I leave home after my bachelor's degree. 2 years of expeditious studies in Béziers in the Languedoc and I moved to Aix-en-Provence.

2 years later I tried my first solo travel experience and there, crossing the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, and having grown up in Europe I realize that borders exist. From then on a passion for the journey is born and I want to cross all the borders!

I meet Emmanuelle soon after and decide to go a little way together. Working in new technologies, being passionate I bloom a lot in my work but benefits too little for my taste of adventure.

After the episode of Sweden, the USA was the Grail! So when the opportunity arose I grabbed it with my other half and here we are in Pacific North West. Super encounters, an exciting job, the discovery of the North American continent punctuated with many sunny getaways (Belize Panama, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, ... because I also love the sun), have definitely revived this passion for travel .

- My bibou
- Football (mainly OM) and foosball - especially with my former colleagues: Too easy! 🙂
- Ski
- Driving on Kilometers (you have understood the major difference with Emmauelle)
- Technologies (I am geek and I assume)
- The great outdoors! (Phobic City)

- the miles, the fahrenheit, the pounds, driving the wrong side of the road (left!)
- Brussels sprouts .
- Being tipsy and having to take a taxi, an Uber, a touk-touk or any other means of transport ...

After this brief introduction, we start serious things ... Welcome to our blog-instagram-facebook for our fantastic epic!