Long weekend in Utah: Moab

We have planned this weekend months ago. In 2016, we could not take so many vacations between January and September. So we have two weekends like this, one in Utah and one in Arizona.

We booked this weekend for the first week of April. We flew from Seattle Tacoma International Airport to Salt Lake City on a Thursday after work, we rented a car at Fox Rent A Car (460 SLC Airport Redwood Road), just a few miles away, 1's tail hour at less when renting at this location, there may be a long queue and only 2 agents dealing with the contracts. We had a late landing landing at 22h at SLC, so we were lucky to get the car in 1h, then we went south to Provo where we had booked a hotel room to stay out of town so to avoid circulation the next morning.

The next day was a long drive through the mountains of Utah. We had snow on the edge of the highway. We drove 5h through Utah and across a few villages and towns: Price, Wellington. These are the ones I remember but in general, this area between Salt Lake and Moab using US191 is a big desert. Then we spent half a day in the Arches National Park after having lunch at a reasonable price a Twisted Sista's Cafe

On Saturday we decided to spend the whole day at Canyonland National Park and the surrounding area. Canyonland is one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. Usually you hear about Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or Denali, but believe me, this park is really amazing. Panoramas and panoramic views are endless.

This day in Canyonland National Park was amazing, we did 2 small hikes of 3 miles each, the weather was not great, there was a lot of wind but it was great because we heard that during the summer it is not bearable because very hot and very dry!

At the end of the day, we drove 30 minutes more by car and pay 10 $ to enter another park, Dead Horse Point State Park. This is one of the best views of the Colorado River you can get from the area:

Dead Horse Point
Dead Horse Point

Here is a summary of the program of this long weekend:

Day 1 - Thursday, arrival in Utah

Seattle to SLC with Alaska Airline
Overnight in Springville or Provo

Day 2 - Friday, drive to Moab

5 driving hours to Moab
1 / 2 day in Arches National Park
Races in Moab
Night in La Sal mountain

3 Day - Saturday, Tourism in the Moab Region

Canyonland National Park
Dead Horse Point
Night in La Sal mountain

4 Day - Sunday Drive south to Monument Valley

Long trip to Mexican Hat and the Arizona border.
Navajo Tribe Reservation
monument Valley
Goosenecks State park

5 Day - Monday, return to SLC

Back to SLC
Driving in the Colorado River Gorge from Moab to Cisco on US128