A little tour of France before the world tour

Here is almost 1 months that we returned to France after our 3 years in the USA. We are also at 8 days of our great adventure, we can not wait! Before departure, we wanted to go around our families and friends and spend some time together.

We started with ten days in the South East, with for home port the house of Thomas's father located in Gard not far from Avignon.

Walk to the Pont du Gard, visit friends in Pertuis in the Vaucluse, where we lived before, that beautiful to meet people again after so long!

Then direction Brittany and under the sun please! Emma is from this region and it was therefore natural to take a tour.Le Morbihan first (South Brittany), then direction Finistere. Some walks, good times shared with family and here we go again direction: Normandy.

On the road to Normandy (which is a very long one, 600km), a small stop halfway was essential to visit, one of the most visited French monuments: Mont Saint Michel. Indeed this tourist attraction perched in this beautiful bay becomes an island at each high tide.

After this little stop at Mont St Michel we finally arrived near Rouen. The sun always followed us.

After 2 days with Thomas's family, it is already time to leave for the big cousin's party organized in Amboise. Again we took the time to be tourists with the visit of the castle of Chenonceau ( another great french monument ). Super weekend, sun burns, laughs! To redo absolutely.

The last leg of our journey in France continues to the north. Emma's grandmother resides in the Pas de Calais. Old mining area, land of slag heaps (open pit mining waste that form mountains more or less high), and corons, (typical working house here in red brick). The still, radiant sun and very precious moments in family.

Thus ends our tour of France to visit our loved ones. During this time we also finished the preparation of the world tour by ordering the last missing articles and carrying out some administrative steps.

  • Renewal of Thomas's passport
  • Registration to social security.
  • Regularization of our bank accounts in France and the USA
  • Make an appointment for some vaccines
  • Purchase of missing equipment for the world tour: rope for linen, backpack storage tool, hiking shoes, laundry travel, ...

We are ready for the adventure !!!

Here is our itinerary on a map:

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