Organization and Budget

The organization

"Around the world", hummm, 193 country, it would take years or even decades to be able to visit everything and taste the culture, the atmosphere, the landscapes of each country. Then honestly it would take a millionaire budget, and we are not.

So yes, our desires have guided the choices, of course. We had in mind some areas or points of interest that we absolutely wanted to see and include in this world tour. Aside from that…

There is no real secrecy about the selection of countries, however, there are several things to consider in your decisions and here are some of them:

  • Security and political stability of the country.
  • The climate.
  • The cost of life on the visited area.
  • Visas to get in and the time you can stay in the country.
  • Accessibility: The possible air connections from this country to other countries or access to major international hubs.

Here are some links we used during the creation of the itinerary: : Security and visa information required by country. : this site is a mine of information, both on climate, visas and the cost of living on site.

Budget with a big B

So of course and again it depends on your travel style. We have so far, mostly traveled in comfort: large suitcases, Hotels 3 *** ++, car rental, restaurants morning / noon / evening, activities, ... But we have already traveled in bagpacker mode to Phillipines for 2 $ la night, shared shower, and eat on the run for pennies, and we loved it too.

For this world tour we foresee a balance between these two styles, a backpack, Bed & Breakfast / Inns / Ho (s) such 2 **, travel by train, bus (for long trips), small restaurants sometime but also do our own cooking when we are in AirBnB for few days. The rental of scooter / car / van is also in our plans, but when it is affordable.

So much for the context, now let's get into the details

Fixed expenses

Travel insurance:

We will leave with VISA and American Express travel insurance for the European part. Then as soon as we leave Europe, we will take the assistance of the Europ Assistance traveler / world tour:

1500 EUR total for 2 people

Air tickets:

Some use a world tour ticket provided by the major airline alliances (One World, Star Alliance, Skyteam), we decided not to do it. With a little research on the internet you can find very competitive offers from the moment you are ready to slightly change the dates of your travels. Also by looking directly at the Wikipedia pages of the airports you can find connections between some cities that you would not even have thought of, and sometimes served by low-cost airlines. It also remains to be known that the airlines offer better rates if you travel out of the week-end and book your tickets 2-3 months in advance. In any case we will only use the plane for trips, or because the connection between 2 cities is almost the same price or slightly more expensive than train or bus.

Here is a table with the dates and prices of our flights already booked, already good surprises, especially that these prices are for 2 people including 2 luggage!

07/13/2018VoloteaMarseille Venice€ 137.00
10/04/2018ScootAthens-Singapore€ 484.00
11/11/2018ScootSingapore-Melbourne€ 317.00

We expect a total budget of 5500 EUR for long trips by plane but also 1000 EUR extras for short flights (do not necessarily use)
That's a total for 2 people from 5500-6500 EUR

The equipment

In terms of equipment we do not expect big expense, we already have a lot of things, and it is difficult to consider the purchase for example of a computer or a camera in the budget of the world tour because it will also serve you after this one.

The backpack: 300 EUR

Silk sheet: 60 EUR

Pharmacy and Hygiene: 200 EUR (Basic drugs, travel laundry, clothesline)


We did some vaccines in the USA:

  • DTAP: free, finally includes in our insurance
  • Typoide: 90 $

We will do the others in France in an international vaccination center:

  • Yellow fever: 70 EUR
  • Japanese encephalitis: 110 EUR

Total vaccines: EUR 240 per person that to say 480 EUR total for 2 people.

Bank charges

During the world tour current expenses are the source of various expenses. Banks are fond of putting you on foreign currency transactions. All the classic French banks: Credit Mutuel, Credit Lyonnais, Societe Generale, Caisse d'Epargne and even HSBC will somehow charge you either a fixed fee per transaction and / or a percentage of the transaction fee but they will not use the exchange rate of the day and will play on this one to secure the transaction and make even more money on your back.

By searching a bit we have found a free online bank that promises no fees, and the use of the official exchange rate used by the Mastercard network, this is valid for both ATM withdrawals but for purchases. In addition to travelers, this bank covers you with travel insurance for your first 90 days of travel, as a Visa Premier does. This for only 5.90 EUR per month. So we will leave for this formula with this Mastercard Black, help we will have on VISA and American Express cards from various bank accounts but will mainly use this card when possible.

Total bank charges: 200 EUR (including some uses of VISA, AMEX)

Cost of visas

Below the costs of visas countries we will visit for a holder of a French passport.

CountryVisa priceVisit
Visa type
Australia€ 15.0090eVisitor
Indonesia€ 29.4930OnArrival
Vietnam€ 21.0730eVisa
Laos€ 25.2830OnArrival
Cambodia€ 25.2830OnArrival
India€ 104.0090e-tourist
Zimbabwe€ 25.2730OnArrival
Zambia€ 42.1330OnArrival
Tanzania€ 42.1330Show

Total 330 EUR per person, or 660 EUR for 2

Current expenditures

Here is a stage of the preparation of the world tour which is a real work of ant.

Here are two sites used to estimate the cost on the spot. After you, too, to look for the best accommodation: a cost of the daily budget. et

DurationDaily budget / personTotal / personTotal for 2
Italy5€ 62.00€ 310.00€ 620.00
Croatia20€ 55.00€ 1,100.00€ 2,200.00
Montenegro12€ 48.00€ 576.00€ 1,152.00
in Albania13€ 42.00€ 546.00€ 1,092.00
Greece32€ 68.00€ 2,176.00€ 4,352.00
Australia43€ 70.00€ 3,010.00€ 6,020.00
Indonesia15€ 35.00€ 554.50€ 1,108.99
Vietnam22€ 32.00€ 725.07€ 1,450.14
Laos15€ 35.00€ 550.28€ 1,100.57
Cambodia16€ 30.00€ 505.28€ 1,010.57
Thailand25€ 37.00€ 925.00€ 1,850.00
Malaysia14€ 29.00€ 406.00€ 812.00
India38€ 32.00€ 1,320.00€ 2,640.00
South Africa25€ 55.00€ 1,375.00€ 2,750.00
Namibia21€ 80.00€ 1,680.00€ 3,360.00
Zimbabwe5€ 91.00€ 480.28€ 960.57
Zambia3€ 48.00€ 186.14€ 372.28
Tanzania26€ 70.00€ 1,862.14€ 3,724.28
Brazil9€ 50.00€ 450.00€ 900.00
Colombia22€ 37.00€ 814.00€ 1,628.00
Ecuador19€ 40.00€ 760.00€ 1,520.00
Peru22€ 35.00€ 770.00€ 1,540.00
Bolivia23€ 32.00€ 736.00€ 1,472.00
Argentina43€ 45.00€ 1,935.00€ 3,870.00
Chile14€ 40.00€ 560.00€ 1,120.00

Grand total

Some people will think that some countries are over-valued, others undervalued, they are only provisional budgets. The goal is only to establish a grand total in order to prepare for this world tour.

1500 EUR - Insurance

5500-6500 EUR - Air tickets

480 EUR - Vaccines

660 EUR - Visas

200 EUR - Bank charges

48625 EUR - Current expenditure

56965 EUR - TOTAL

From there I always tend to round to the next whole, so let's go for a round number.

60000 EUR for 2 people that to say 30 000 EUR per person for 18 months of adventures.