Las Vegas, week end stage and outings with friends

We went to Las Vegas several times. Once in a relationship, and several times separately (recommended !!). This city is fascinating but also tiring.

The city of games, madness, "Vegas" never sleeps, at any time of the day or night you will find activities to do:

  • spend money on gaming tables or slot machines
  • ride a limousine to see one of the famous shows
  • learn (or continue) to drive sport cars on racetrack
  • Enjoy long walk on the Strip and watch at the massive hotels and fountains of Bellagio
  • see some madness at Fremont Street
  • go play a practice at Top Golf
  • learn to drive a backhoe
  • enjoy all-inclusive buffets in the best strip hotels
  • go on a hike in Red Rock Canyon
  • visit the mythical Hoover Dam on the border with Nevada.

These are the activities that most people will do during a visit to Las Vegas. This list is not exhaustive, but it lists the activities we have done. Know that there is so much more to see and do.

Be aware however that the visit to "Vegas" can be very very expensive, we visited each time "Vegas" when we lived in the US with high salaries. (Good) food and drinks are overpriced (unless you spend a little money at the table games, then beer and basic cocktails will be served for free). Activities are also a hole in the wallet.

Las Vegas is equipped with 2 monorails on each side of the strip that are supposed to help move, but their access is bumpy in the labyrinth of hotels, so they are used very little in the end. So we walk hugely. Uber is very popular and most hotels have pickup points, but these are a little away from the main lobby of the hotel, but very well indicated.

Beware of the heat, we are in the desert. As a result I will not recommend visiting Las Vegas from May to September.
On the other hand, and again it varies with tastes and colors, but 3-5 days are more than enough to visit the city and its surroundings.

And never forget, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!